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How To Use KiCad to Make a Printed Circuit Board: Part 1

Welcome to the first Skinny Research and Development Tutorial! In this episode I’ll teach you how to use the schematic (Eeschema) portion of KiCad to layout a circuit design. This is very much a beginners level tutorial. LM386 Schematic: http://skinnyrd.com/how-to-use-kicad-to-make-a-printed-circuit-board-part-1/ source

KiCAD Quick-Start Tutorial

This is a short and fast introductory video for those interested in getting started using KiCAD. I wanted to demonstrate a basic work-flow through schematic capture and PCB layout modules, instead of touching on every function or element of the user interface. Note: KiCAD is currently seeing a lot of activity from the developers, so […]