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Thick Copper PCB Board Fab Solution Partner Headquartered in Asia

There are many times of washing in PCB production. This is auto washing line.There is board sensor on the line, once the pcb is coming, it start to spray water. You have to be careful if your circuit board is very thin eg.0.2mm, you cannot allow factory to use this kind of washing line. You […]

FlatCam! Fantastic new PCB CNC Milling CAM Software

UPDATE: These days I am using http://bit.ly/2upA9Gs to expose circuit boards! What a mess this video is! Sorry! Made it on one afternoon. source

Long Led Circuit Board Mfg Solution Provider Situated in China

We have two ways of testing PCB. For small batch, it is tested by probe flying. For mass production,we will open an e-test fixture to test it. once second one piece, it is very fast. You can see how it runs from the video. Want to know more, pls visit www.caringcircuit.com/blog Source Long Led Circuit […]