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UPDATE: The Speedprint SP700 series systems won top honors over all other printers taking the “Global Technology Award for 2011, presented at the Productronica Show in Germany in November 2011.

This is the new Speedprint SP700avi Series printer. These machines are available form 4Tech Electronics Inc. As with any of our equipment, all are available for complete testing, inspection and running in a full production mode with our Customers product.

This video is intended to show a sample of the SP700avi series printers capability. This accuracy and repeatability testing is a part of our standard test procedure for all the Equipment we offer for sale.

You may notice in this video that we are not using the same test stencil as in all our other videos. The reason is that there are several aspects of this new system that contribute to greater accuracy and repeatability, including the 1 micron resolution linear encoders. Testing identified the need for a new test product to properly challenge this systems capability.

The result is a test product with larger sub-straight/ print area, more component types, in larger quantities, a variety of aperture shapes, multiple angles, large fine pitch quad components and progressive aperture reductions on a BGA. In addition, there are the small 0201’s and the ultra small 1005 passive components to challenge our cameras capability and us old folk’s eye sight.

This is a demonstration video of the machines we sell and service. For demo purposes the PCB’s are covered with white paper to show the printed deposit of the solder paste formulation. This is a useful method to set up and test printers that we have used for some +25 years. It also helps as our camera struggles to focus on the solder deposits of the fine pitch components. However if you pause the clip at the right moment, you can see the detail. The fine pitch part is a QFP 256 @ 0.4mm or 0.0157” pitch.

4TECH is a global supplier of Electronics manufacturing and circuit assembly automation. We do take trade ins. If you have need for this type of equipment, service or technology please contact us.

Thank you for your interest.


American Standard Circuits to Exhibit at Montreal/Pointe-Claire and Markham EPTECH Shows

American Standard Circuits has publicized that it will be presenting this year at both the Montreal/Pointe-Claire and Markham EPTECH (Electronics Items and Technology) shows.

The Montreal/Pointe-Claire show is going to be organized on April 25th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Pointe-Claire. The Markham show will be organized 2 days later on April 27th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Le Parc in Thornhill, Ontario.

“As this year’s trade fair circuit starts, we are very happy to let everyone learn about all of the new items and technologies we have to speak about. During the past year, we’ve invested a great deal of cash and time on boosting our factory in West Chicago and exhibiting at events, like the EPTECH shows, provides the opportunity to speak with our customers nose to nose about these innovations. This year we are specifically keen on conversing with these corporations concerning our new on-line micro e-book, The PCB Designer’s Guide to Flex and Rigid-Flex Principles,” said American Standard Circuits CEO, Anaya Vardya.


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