We’re Leaders in Electronic Circuit Board Fabrication


We are always the main point on the PCB industry of China since 2001. While a lot of the processes and gear employed to manufacture PWBs are similar over shops, what makes our fabrication exceed?

First of all, we have one of the most keen teams in the industry.

Incorporating the years of experience with the wish to provide our consumers with the better experience and product possible, yields a strong combination. Partner with us, you won’t see automatons working with their heads lowered other than the infrequent glance up to see the clock on the wall. The things you will notice and certainly hear is a active team atmosphere, where folks care passionately about the things they do.

Next is the degree of expertise and customer focus of our always helpful front-end team members.

From Customer Services thru CAM, our focus is on ensuring you can get the product you desire, from the least complicated zero layer to 28 layer multi-layer designs. So please don’t be blown away if one of our office personnel follows up with an inquiry or a recommendation which promotes the manufacturability of your PCB board, helps you to save capital or makes your design even better.

Third, we are getting into a Lean-Manufacturing adventure to re-examine all of our processes and operations to get the very most from our operation.

Over time, PCB board manufacturers have never used Lean-Manufacturing as it disputes with long standing customs of over-production. Nevertheless, we recognize excess raw and finished goods inventories aim to hide process and equipment issues. Furthermore we notice the objective is not to find ways to make us work harder, but to assist us do the job more intelligently.

Another advantage of a staff that cares about, and lead-time productivity possible with Lean-Manufacturing, is the added power to assist our buyers with their fast turn-around needs. If you would like your electronic circuit boards quickly, supply your data files and you’ll be able to inform you about our perfect turn around time period.

Please call us or Email Your File and we’ll do our best to support.