The “Must Have” app for electronic engineers, hardware developers, pcb designers.
Gerber PCB Viewer allows you to view standard Gerber RS-274X schemes.

The Gerber format is the de facto standard for “CAD to CAM” data transfer in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) industry.

Just open your CAD, export your PCB project to the Gerber RS-274X format, and watch circuit board layouts on the screen of Android.

AndroCAD: Gerber Viewer doesn’t support RS-274D (the old Gerber format).

AndroCAD Gerber Viewer can open Gerber-274X files, exported from Altium Designer / Eagle / OrCAD / Mentor / Eagle / Protel / KiCad and others.

Any Gerber-274X file must contains %MO and %FS markers!

If you think you have Gerber-274X pcb file and it is not recognized by Gerber PCB Viewer, please send it to us.


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