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Timelapse PCB design – PCB Entwurf im Zeitraffer

The making of my BLDC motor driver circuit using simple logic ICs. I use the CAD program Eagle. Check out for more. Der Entwurf meiner BLDC Motor Steuerung, die aus einfachen Logik ICs besteht.Verwendet wird die CAD Software Eagle. Mehr Infos hier: The music I used is listed at the end of the […]

Tip to Relocate Components on a PCB Without Redoing Traces

Move a component on a printed circuit board using the auto-router tool in Pad2Pad CAD software. To download the Pad2Pad software to design a circuit board, click here: source

How To Install And Setup Kodi On Android Phone/Tablet 2017 (Step by Step)

This tutorial for how to download, install Kodi 17/17.1/17.3 & setup exodus on an Android phone or tablet step by step I am showing how to download, install Kodi 2017 and install/setup exodus add-ons on android mobile but, according to this video you can easily install and setup the new Kodi v17.3 and v17.1 […]

#77 – Σχεδιασμός πλακέτας (PCB) με CadSoft EAGLE

Σχεδιασμός της πλακέτας (Printed Circuit Board) ενός απλού κυκλώματος με τη χρήση CAD software και συγκεκριμένα του EAGLE. Η πλακέτα στη συνέχεια θα κατασκευαστεί με τη μέθοδο του σιδερώματος (toner transfer) Βιβλιοθήκες της Adafruit: Βιβλιοθήκες της Sparkfun: source

AndroCAD: Gerber PCB Viewer (RS-274X) for Android. LIGHT version.

The “Must Have” app for electronic engineers, hardware developers, pcb designers. Gerber PCB Viewer allows you to view standard Gerber RS-274X schemes. The Gerber format is the de facto standard for “CAD to CAM” data transfer in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) industry. Just open your CAD, export your PCB project to the Gerber RS-274X […]

New Project, Libraries, Schematic in Eagle PCB: Tutorial

Visit the detailed step-by-step tutorial at This is a tutorial by We will discuss how to create a new project, add component libraries, and create a new schematic in Eagle PCB CAD software. source

Wellcore Bluetooth Beacon and Solid State Drive Supplier In Shenzhen China

Wellcore Bluetooth Beacon and Solid State Drive Supplier In Shenzhen China Began in the year 2006,Wellcore is a high-tech Bluetooth Beacon and SSD manufacturer which has the capacity of R&D and manufactory in Shenzhen China. Being focused on the enterprise, industrial, aerospace and defense areas, provide industrial embedded storage devices and related engineering services. Covering […]