BareBoard Group is another preferred American supplier of contract manfacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part tradeshow at

PCB Manufacturing – High / Low Volume Printed Circuit Boards, High Temperature Printed Circuit Boards and More

From small lot printed circuit boards to high volume PCBs, the best source for quality printed circuit boards is Bare Board Group, Inc. (BBG), your U.S. supplier of offshore printed circuit boards. BBG is dedicated to providing our global customers with effortless high temperature printed circuit board manufacturing and other printed circuit board manufacturing, competitive pricing and most of all, superior customer service. This dedication to service and support sets Bare Board Group apart from the competition and creates the foundation for our US and PCB manufacturing service otherwise known as PCB Take-Out.
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Small Lot Printed Circuit Boards or Large Lot PCBs, Volume Isn’t an Issue…

As a provider of high temperature printed circuit boards and many other types of manufactured PCBs, small lot printed circuit boards to medium volume printed circuit boards are our bread and butter and our vast purchasing capabilities allow us to pass the savings of offshore printed circuit board manufacturing–typically limited to larger volume orders– on to you. Due to a growing interest and our desire to provide customers with a variety of high temperature printed circuit board fabrication options, BBG also provides domestic PCB services in order to satisfy fast PCB Delivery deadlines and state side requirements.

Bare Board Group partners closely with an established team of UL, ISO, QS & TS approved printed circuit board manufacturers whose combined expertise and capabilities allow us to support your PCB needs anywhere in the world. Each of the facilities in our network has been carefully selected for quality performance and particular expertise to ensure we provide our customers with an unparalleled range of capabilities.


American Standard Circuits to demonstrate at Montreal/Pointe-Claire and Markham EPTECH Exhibitions

American Standard Circuits has released that it will be exhibiting this year at both the Montreal/Pointe-Claire and Markham EPTECH (Electronics Items and Technology) shows.

The Montreal/Pointe-Claire show is going to be held on Apr 25th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Pointe-Claire. The Markham show will be held 2 days later on Apr 27th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Le Parc in Thornhill, Ontario.

“As this year’s fair circuit commences, we’re very excited to let everyone find out about all of the brand new products and technologies we need to focus on. Over the past year, we have devoted a substantial amount of money and time on boosting our facility in West Chicago and exhibiting at events, for instance, the EPTECH shows, offers us the chance to speak to our customers face-to-face about these innovations. This year we’re particularly excited about conversing with these companies regarding our new online micro eBook, The PCB Designer’s Guide to Flex and Rigid-Flex Principles,” said American Standard Circuits CEO, Anaya Vardya.

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